Harris County felony court judge grants $100 bonds to 21-year-old man on probation

Before his suspension last February, 228th District Judge Frank Aguilar granted some of the lowest bonds we've ever seen for kidnapping, sexual assault, witness tampering, and domestic violence charges.

In February 2023, 21-year-old Frank Njoroge is sentenced to deferred probation after being convicted of assault with intent to impede breathing.

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Just two months on probation, Njoroge is charged with assault and violating a protective order.

"Normally, if you're charged with offenses while you're on probation and you get a bond, the bond gets increased," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. "His bonds kept getting lower."

Judge Frank Aguilar set bonds at just $100 for violent felonies like sexual assault, kidnapping, domestic violence, and witness tampering. Seven times, Aguilar set Njoroge's bond at just $100.

"I don't know how in God's name you can not look at this and say, dude, you're a threat to public safety, you're a threat to these women," Kahan said.

"That's crazy in itself for the things he's done, not just to my relative, but to other ladies. It's insane," said a relative of one of Njoroge's alleged victims.

We are not identifying him to keep his relatives anonymous.

In court documents, that woman was repeatedly terrorized and abused by Njoroge.

"Choked her on a few occasions till she couldn't breathe. Bit her on quite a few occasions," the victim's relative said. "Bit her toenail off at one point."

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Court documents state Njoroge told the woman, "It's your death wish day."

"The DA's office files a motion to adjudicate his probation four times," said Kahan.

Judge Aguilar refused the DA's motion to end Njoroge's probation and send him to prison.

Last January, Aguilar became a felony defendant himself.

"Aguilar was charged in Galveston County, New Years Eve, with his own family assault charges," Kahan said 

After the judge's arrest, the DA's office asked Aguilar to recuse himself.

"You shouldn't be hearing cases involving domestic violence when you yourself are facing a charge involving domestic violence," said Kahan.

Aguilar refused the request.

Last February, he was suspended from the bench by the State Judicial Conduct Commission.

Njoroge was arrested again last month, charged with assault and violating a protective order.

He currently remains jailed with no bond set.