Harris Co. Precinct 3 preparing for treacherous weather

The bridge near Bear Creek Park is one of 248 in Harris County Precinct 3 susceptible to dangerously freezing over.

With frigid weather coming sure and fast, Commissioner Tom Ramsey and his crews are preparing early to protect them all.

"We’ve seen what happened up there in Dallas-Ft. Worth in terms of how deadly this can be. Our job is to engage in Precinct 3 and make it safe to get around," said Ramsey.

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To better ensure that safety, Precinct 3 is prepared to deploy a fleet of trucks carrying tons of aggregate material aimed at neutralizing slick spots on roads and bridges.

With three and half decades of experience maintaining Precinct 3 roads Ronnie Mazurkiewicz has deployed large supplies of chat rock to strategic locations.

"It saves a lot of time for the truck instead of coming here to get loaded. He’s already loading up and hitting the bridges and we can move on and go to a different area," explained Mazurkiewicz.

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Freezing rain, sleet, and snow are possible Sunday night into Monday for the greater Houston area.

"We will make sure bridges are draining. The weep holes around the bridges, they can get clogged up. There can be water, so we have to make sure everything around the bridge is functioning correctly and that we constantly monitor the temperature there," said Ramsey.

An engineer by trade, Commissioner Ramsey knows intimately the impact of frigid temperature and moisture on concrete and pavement.

Facing his first bout of severe weather as leader of the Precinct, he’s determined to take a hands-on approach.

Preparing your car and driving tips for icy roads

Drivers can take steps now to prepare their vehicles to drive in snow and ice.

"This is what I’ve been doing for 45 years. I like to get my boots on, get in jeans and go out there and do something that matters. That’s what our folks do every day," said Ramsey.

Commissioner Ramsey is asking residents to stay off roadways as much as possible until the heavy weather passes and report serious problems directly to Precinct 3.