H.I.S.D takes action after we ask about dangerous situation

Even though no children have attended MacArthur Elementary school for 6 years bus loads of them walk past the dangers lurking inside every school day.

There's absolutely nothing to keep kids or anyone for that matter to walk inside the huge abandoned building, not even a no trespassing sign.

"This is a nuisance a public nuisance," said south side resident John Williams.

Williams says he's been complaining for years.

"I've called H.I.S.D numberous times," says Williams. " The only thing they tell me is we're going to refer it over to H.I.S.D police and have them go by."

This is still a school bus stop and some of those picking up kids say they've seen many children venture inside.

"The ones that parents don't pick up and walk home they go inside that building," says Jennifer Covarrubius. "We've seen homeless people going in there."

We saw that too but a man who appeared to be living there locked the door and wouldn't talk to us.

" The vagrants that I've inside that building you don't know they could be child molesters," said Williams.

We found things poorer school districts or charities would love to have.

Boxes and boxes of books DVDs and other teaching materials you paid for and H.IS.D left behind.

" as taxpayers we deserve better than this regardless if you live in this community or not," Williams said