Grand Prairie motorcycle officer crash caught on video

Two veteran Grand Prairie motorcycle police officers are back at work the day after they crashed into each other during a chase.

The chase went through two cities and, at times, reached 100 miles per hour. The man they were after, a convicted felon, crashed a short time later.

Video of the incident shows marked cruisers go by, then the two police motorcycles. One appears to bump the other and both go down, the officers’ bodies somersaulting down the street. Both officers only had minor injuries.

“It was pretty scary just to see them flying off of their motorcycles and rolling in the street,” said the woman who shot the video.

The chase started in Grand Prairie at Beltline Road and Marshal Drive. Police tried to pull over Jorge Gallegos, 21, for a traffic violation but they said he took off and briefly lost police before the two motor officers spotted him again and resumed the high speed chase that stretched into Arlington.

The officers crashed into each other outside AT&T Stadium on Randol Mill Road.

“What you don't see is the suspect basically slamming on his breaks and turning into the Walmart parking lot,” said Mark Beseda, Grand Prairie PD. “So now you have the officers slowing down.”

One motor officer intended to turn into the parking lot when his partner came up on him and couldn't slow down fast enough. Both veteran motor officers walked away and returned to work on Thursday.

Gallegos drove on and crashed into another vehicle before eventually being caught and taken back to jail. Gallegos has been arrested nearly a dozen times before. He was about to finalize a plea deal on a burglary charge.

Now, aside from evading arrest, police will see what other charges can be added for putting so many lives in danger.