Franchise Expo here for those wanting to be their own boss

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Want to teach peope how to escape from duct tape?

“Just like that and I’m out,” said Jason Henson during a demonstration.

Heson is a former C.I.A. agent turned entrepreneur. His Spy School business was featured on the TV show Shark Tank.

“It just got so big. I need people in cities all over the country to do my spy training, to help me out.

You can get a Spy School franchise for about $100,000.

Maybe selling fresh squeezed lemonade is more up your alley.

“Our franchise fee is currently $7500,” said Marty Bennett owner of Lemon Heaven.

From gourmet burgers, to spray tans, just about every kind of business imaginable can be found at the franchise expo going on at the NRG Center.

“It covers every industry and it covers every investment level,” said Tom Portesy a trade show organizer.

You can own your own business for as little as $10,000, or you can spend up to $3M for some franchises.

“And pretty much everything in between,” Portesy said. “Franchising isn’t a secret weapon it’s not magic.”

But these business owners say being a franchise owner can make you successful if you’re self-motivated and willing to work hard at it.

The franchise expo is in Houston one more day, Saturday between 10am and 4pm.

You can also talk to financial experts about getting a loan to start your new business.