FOX 26 Digital News Brief for Dec. 4, 2018

A dozen families are without a place to live after a fire swept through a La Porte apartment complex. One woman is thankful she didn't lose something irreplaceable, thanks to a brave paramedic.

Thousands of people are paying their respects to former President George H. W. Bush as he lies in state in the rotunda of the Capitol Building.

The U.S. Postal Service will observe the National Day of Mourning on Wednesday, Dec. 5. Regular mail deliveries will be on hold. 

Governor Greg Abbott also declared Wednesday a Day of Mourning thoughout Texas. All state agencies and offices will be closed.

President Bush will lie in repose at St. Martin's Episcopal Church in Houston from 6 p.m. Wednesday until 6 a.m. Thursday. Police are expecting large crowds and there will be several road closures.