Fort Bend ISD involves parents in school safety improvements

Recent school shootings are increasing concern among parents and students all over the country over their safety while trying to get an education.

Administrators of Fort Bend ISD say that their district has made a collected effort to include families in their safety plans.

FBISD Police Chief David Rider tells FOX 26 for over the past few years they have been working and installing improved safety devices.

Bowie Middle School in Richmond, like all schools in the district, have been fitted with shatterproof and reinforced windows.

Investments have also been made to install floor mounted door locks, which allow a teacher to securely lock a classroom door making it virtually impossible for an intruder to get in.

New emergency call boxes around school campuses. If a student or faculty member is in fear a button is located the device and the individual will then be connected to dispatch.

These improvements were implemented in 2018 after residents in the school district passed a $999.2 Million dollar bond.

For Principal Brian Shillingburg, it’s important to foster working relationships with students and faculty to create an environment where suspicious actives are reported.