Forsyth County family victimized while on vacation

A Forsyth County family is searching for answers after their home was burglarized of tens of thousands of dollars in stolen goods including a Bentley SUV.

“They ripped my entire console apart,” said Keith McCants as he pointed to his damaged van.

He said the nightmare began when he returned from his six-day family vacation to Mexico to find his van vandalized. It’d been parked at a hotel airport parking lot where owners park at their own risk.

“I looked at the center console where I remember putting my car keys,” said McCants.

At the same time, he’d returned to his van he had gotten an alert on his home surveillance security system with video of several men who had broken into his home in Forsyth County.

“I kind of started crying. I called my wife and said they’re at our house,” said McCants.

He said the crooks took his wife’s $25,000 Tiffany bracelet from one room, music gear, computers and other electronics from another and his Bentley $270,000 SUV from the garage.

“So all total how much do you think they took? over three hundred thousand dollars,” said McCants.

He said several men, who kept who pulling their hoodies over their faces, rifled through the home and left in about thirteen minutes.

Shortly afterward deputies with the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office respond. Evidence markers were left where a door was kicked in.

McCants said it appears two of the crooks slipped into his high end size twelve sneakers stolen from the van.

“And they are wearing your shoes? while they break into my house. What does that tell you? Heartless,” said McCants.

In hindsight, McCants said he now wishes he’d never left his Bentley keys in the closed van console, but said he was uncomfortable taking them to Mexico or leaving them at home.

“I always think if someone breaks into my neighborhood I don’t want them stealing my vehicle,” said McCants.

The men are seen leaving in an Infinity and Jeep and McCants Bentley SUV, which like the other stolen loot is insured.

“It’s more about my family’s safety and welfare, you know the stuff is replaceable,” said McCants.

He hopes whoever put his family through this holiday time ordeal is captured soon before another family has to go through it.