Florida woman spots Disney characters in clouds over theme park

Courtesy: Daryna Nakhoul

An Orlando woman recently spotted some interesting clouds that appear to be shaped like beloved Disney characters. 

Daryna Nakhoul tells FOX 35 News that she was actually driving into the parking lot of Universal Orlando last month when she noticed the figures in the sky.

"Does anyone else see Goofy, Mickey and Winnie-the-Pooh?" she asked on the Disney annual passholders page. 

The photo got thousands of ‘likes’ and hundreds of comments on Facebook.

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"Proof that Disney controls the weather," one commenter said. 

"They are trying to see what Universal is planning," another viewer joked. 

Others saw different characters. 

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"I see Pluto, Minnie and Pooh," said one person. 

Nakhoul tells FOX 35 News she noticed the characters right away and hurried to snap the adorable photo. 

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