Five students bitten by stray dog at YES Prep Southeast

Five middle school students at YES Prep Southeast were bitten by a stray dog during recess, according to a statement from the schools group.

The dog somehow got onto the school grounds outside and bit the students. Staff grabbed the dog before it hurt other students. The district says there were no critical injuries. The children suffered minor injuries and were examined by paramedics at the school, FOX 26 News has learned.

13-year-old Roosevelt's mother took him to the hospital. 

"This was probably the scariest thing that ever happened to me," explains Roosevelt, who was bitten on the foot. "It was horrifying. We saw this dog running in the field. At first, it seemed to be friendly. Then it came up behind me and bit me. I fell to the ground and blacked out for a little bit. Then the next thing I knew, my friends were carrying me to the nurse."

Teachers were finally able to get the dog away from the students. Animal control picked up the pitbull, who will be quarantined for several weeks as animal control waits to see if the dog's owner will come forward.

YES Prep Public Schools released the following statement on Tuesday: