Five horses killed and butchered near Pearland since May

Pearland police are warning horse owners to be vigilant after several horses were found killed and butchered in the area.

Authorities say, since May of this year, three horses were killed in Pearland and two were killed in nearby areas.

On June 10, officers responded to a call in the 14000 block of Kirby Drive and found a horse had been killed. Authorities say the horse had apparently been fatally stabbed in the chest and was then butchered. Police say the suspects removed the animal’s backstraps and the front and hind quarters, leading investigators to believe the animal was killed for its meat.

On August 8, Pearland officers were dispatched to the 14000 block of Hooper Road regarding another case where an additional two horses were killed and butchered. The owner called police after arriving to her property and finding two horses missing and a portion of the fence cut. Police say the two horses were found half a mile away with their backstraps and hindquarters removed.

Pearland PD says two additional horses were slaughtered outside of Pearland in neighboring law enforcement jurisdictions. One horse was killed on May 22, and the other was killed June 29. Both horses were killed in proximity of the city limits of Pearland along the Sam Houston Toll Road.

The Pearland Police Department in encouraging horse owners and residents to be vigilant and report all suspicious activities.

Anyone with knowledge of these animal cruelty cases are encouraged to contact the Pearland Police Detective J. Page at 281.997.4202 or email JPage@PearlandTx.Gov.