First responder leaders take the low road as mayoral election looms near

 The latest flashpoint pits the Houston Police Officers Union against candidate Dwight Boykins who claims Mayor Sylvester Turner forced police to oppose pay parity for Fire Fighters. At a recent mayoral debate hosted by KPRC radio, Boykins talked about the pay parity issue.

Dwight, you said the same crap last time and I texted you, and said you're either ignorant or lying. I stand by that today. What you just said is either ignorance or lying.

— Ray Hunt

 Police Union Leaders say Boykins' statement is absolutely untrue and posted this controversial tweet in protest

 Dwight Boykins calls the post "racist and disrespectful, Police Union President Joe Gamaldi was quick to respond.

On three separate occasions, I have told him he's lying to the voters of Houston and he continues to do it and at what point, we had to call him out and say stop lying to the community.

— Joe Gamaldi, President Houston Police Officers Union

 In a second statement, Tuesday Boykins said the post "used language that was meant to demean my worth as a Black man while exacerbating some of America's worst and more egregious racial stereotypes." Joe Gamaldi tells FOX 26 that the Union has pulled down the tweet.

This is just more gutter politics by the Turner machine and HPOU, Dwight and his wife Genora do not deserve this level of disrespect and racism.

— Patrick M. "Marty" Lancton, President, Houston Professional Fire Fighters Association