Father arrested for abduction; son still missing

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A months-long search for three-year-old Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj has resulted in the arrest of his father in New Mexico. However, the little boy is still missing.

Clayton County Police have been searching for the toddler and 39-year-old Siraj Wahhaj since December 2017. At that time, Siraj Wahhaj said he was taking the little boy to the park, but they never returned. The child's mother became concerned, especially because the little boy suffers from seizures, developmental and cognitive delays and is unable to walk due to suffering a Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy at birth.

The search for the father and son took authorities to Amalia, New Mexico. Investigators say that's where they found Siraj Wahhaj living in a filthy trailer, living what police described as some of the worst conditions they've ever seen.

Around 11 children and three women were also on the compound, in desperate need of food and water.

The Taos County Sheriff's Office brought in a special response team because they believed Wahhaj and another man, Lucas Morten, were heavily armed. 

Both Wahhaj and Morten were taken into custody, but Abdul-Ghani Wahhaj has still not been located. Investigators believe the child was on the compound within the last few weeks. Clayton County Police and FBI investigators are continuing their search for the child.

Wahhaj was booked on his no bond warrant for child abduction. Morten was charged with harboring a fugitive.

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