Fatal Houston crash on S Post Oak Road leaves 2 dead, 3 juveniles hospitalized

Two people were killed and three juveniles were taken to the hospital after a crash in southwest Houston Monday night, police say.

The crash occurred around 10 p.m. on S Post Oak Road near Anderson Road.


Authorities responded to the scene and found two vehicles had been involved in the crash.

The passenger in a white Jeep was pronounced dead at the scene. The 27-year-old driver of that vehicle was transported to the hospital, where he was also pronounced dead.

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A teen driver in a gray Hyundai and his two younger siblings, believed to be 12 and 8 years old, were transported to the hospital, police say. They were last reported to be in good condition.

The Houston Police Department investigates a fatal crash on S Post Oak Road.

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Investigators reviewed surveillance video from the scene of the crash.

According to police, the gray Hyundai was traveling northbound on S Post Oak and had the green light when the white Jeep going southbound attempted to turn left. Police say the Jeep didn't yield the right of way to the Hyundai and was struck.

Police say there is no indication that alcohol was a factor in the crash. The investigation continues.