Every single car 'maybe 20 or 30 cars' with busted windows on one Houston street

New cellphone video shows at least 15 vehicles on one street near downtown Houston all with busted out windows.

The video was recorded along Crosby Street near Allen Parkway Sunday night.

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"Every single car, maybe 20 or 30 cars, every single car was broken into," said Louie Zuniga.

Zuniga had been walking to his vehicle when he noticed all the broken glass and car windows littering the street. Then, Zuniga says he started recording and speaking with some of the victims. According to the people Zuniga spoke with, their car windows were broken, but nothing was missing from their vehicles.

"It’s kind of crazy for this to just happen right here," said Zuniga. "Every single car gets broken into, and no one sees anything."


Some people that live along Crosby Street say this has been a common problem in recent weeks.

"They need to do something, because it doesn’t make sense," said Angela Bennett.

Bennett says her vehicle had windows busted about a month ago. However, she continues to see vehicles targeted up and down their street.

"My window has been out over a month now," said Bennett. "I got to try and get it fixed with my own expenses."

So far, no arrests have been made. If you know any information relating to this case, you’re urged to contact police.

"You do what they say, not to put any valuables out there for people to see, and you’re still getting broken into," said Zuniga. "That adds another bill to your other bills you have to pay during the month."