Family pleads for help finding Dennis Jackson's killer

The family of a Houston-area man who was killed nearly six years ago is turning to the public for help finding the person responsible.

Early in the morning in June 2013, someone murdered Dennis Jackson in his home on Moonlit Meadows Court in northwest Harris County while he slept. 

His 1-year-old son at the time was sleeping nearby. His sister says he had to sign a waiver at the funeral home to view his body because he was beaten so badly and the only thing they recognized were his hands because of a tattoo.

Five years later, the case is still open but has gone cold. Jackson has a 5-year-old daughter who has never seen her father alive and his family has been given no answers.

"The shocking thing to me is that the way he was killed. He was asleep in bed. There was no forced entry. There were other people in the home," says Dennis' sister Tania Jackson. "And so we believe that something, there should have been a suspect, an arrest, something should have taken place more sooner than now."

Anyone with information is asked to call Crime Stoppers at (713)222-TIPS.