Family of missing teen in 25 year old cold case speaks out

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A family Wharton County is finally getting closure in a 25 year old cold case. Detectives are positive they found the body of 15 year old Rosemary Diaz and also know the killer.  We spoke with her sisters who say they always had faith Rosemary would come home alive and now they are devastated someone robbed them of their pride and joy.

"This is not the outcome we wanted...we thought she would come back and we were going to catch her up. I'm a grandma, here's your nieces and nephews," Irma Diaz said.

Irma and Elia Diaz have held on to hope for their baby sister. Now 25 years to the day she vanished they have answers but not the answer to their prayers.

"He didn't leave this earth without telling somebody's hard. May God forgive him for what he did to her and to us and maybe to his family," the sisters said.

The Diaz's are grateful family members of the suspected killer finally spoke up but it took his death for them to come forward.  For this family Thanksgiving will never be the same.

"We never celebrated this holiday, just because that was our mourning time," Diaz said.

The family will spend the holiday together but it will be a very somber time for them. The sisters believe if Rosemary were alive today she would have been a teacher.