Families traveling with small children confused on what to do in light of mask mandate being lifted

Some families with small children are confused on what to do after the federal transportation COVID-19 mask mandate was lifted this week.

Meghan McCloskey-Boydston and her baby are set to travel to several places in the coming months, that plan is now up in the air.

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"We were really excited to get our little guy, our four-month-old, on a plane and go on a little trip together. I was just concerned because he can’t wear a mask, and he hasn’t fully developed his immune system. That would be the only way he could be protected, if other people were wearing masks," she said.

Family travel expert Eileen Ogintz says it could be more dangerous now to travel with kids under five who aren’t vaccinated.

"If you have an immunocompromised kid or member of the family, and so many people are asymptomatic, you just don’t know what the situation will be. That is why all the experts are saying even getting rid of the mask mandate, it’s still really smart to mask up in planes and airports,’ said Ogintz. "I’m saying if you are going to fly, mask up. You should mask up, the kids should mask up whether they are vaccinated or not. Especially if they are not vaccinated."

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"It is going to be a hard decision for people, I think some may opt to drive, even with high gas prices, and others may put off going somewhere unless they absolutely have to," she said. "You have to do what you feel is right for your family. Just because you hardly see anyone else masking up in the airport, that doesn’t mean that’s the best decision for you."