Experts say election outcome unlikely to be impacted by fraud claims

Despite a flurry of Republican lawsuits and yet to be substantiated allegations of election misconduct, Democrat Joe Biden appears to be inching ever closer to a victory in this 2020 election.

Rice Political analyst Mark Jones says the Trump campaign is unlikely to unearth the head-snapping conspiracy needed to halt Biden's march towards 270 electoral votes.

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"We probably saw a little bit of mail fraud. There were some dead people voting. There were people voting for other people. There may be some ballots slipped in by party authorities, but we are talking about in the dozens. Maybe, if the election were within a few hundred votes that could be an issue, but once you get into the 5,000 or 10,000 margin, we don't have any evidence of orchestrated fraud and that's what it would really take to change the outcome of statewide races like Pennsylvania or Nevada or Georgia," said Jones. 

Based upon his decades of experience, former Harris County Republican Chairman Gary Polland says election cheating has taken place and almost certainly continues.

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Whether fraud has occurred on a scale significant enough to alter the outcome of the 2020 election, he believes, is still very much an open question.

"The fact that America in the 21st century is talking about our elections being able to be manipulated by election officials regardless of party, is really pathetic. I think we can anticipate there's going to be serious litigation and your right, there's going to have to be hard evidence to prove your case. Allegations are one thing."

Polland says he expects the election to end up before the Supreme Court because, unlike past Republican nominees in close contests, President Trump won't back away from a fight.