Event venue's sudden closing costs parents $12,000, puts teen's birthday bash in jeopardy

Makayla Nguyen has her dress and tiara ready to go. The same thing can't be said about her big birthday bash on February 22.

"We're 10 days from my birthday party and we have no location for my birthday party, so it's very overwhelming," she said.

Fate has dealt Makayla some bad hands when she plans big birthday parties. In the midst of planning her Sweet 16, the family's home was burglarized.

"My husband said you stay tight here and sure enough everything was cleaned out," said Makayla's mother, Mary Honeycutt.

Then Hurricane Harvey blew into town kicking Makayla's party into a trailer.

She's been planning on making up for not having a Sweet 16 party by pulling out all the stops for her 18th birthday.

"That was my end goal, making sure my friends understood this is not the last party. Wait, there's going to be a grand finale," Makayla said.

No one at Noah's Event Center said a word about closing last Thursday.

"We were there, we were in my party venue the day before they closed," said Makayla.

The mother and daughter say they were shocked to hear all the Noah Event Centers nationwide are closed due to bankruptcy.

"We came in the day before," Honeycutt said. "You're going to make me look at my daughter and say this is not going to happen."

"Okay, what do we do now? We can't lose any money at this point," said Jasmin Bray, owner of J. Bray Events.

Bray has spent a lot of time working on Makayla's 18th birthday party.

"I feel like she will be crushed if this happens again to her," she said.