Driver warns others after car was shot on Gulf Freeway

One man is wanting to warn other drivers after he says his car was shot on Gulf Freeway last week.

According to Alfred Daise, he had been driving in heavy traffic on Dec. 20 along I-45 near exit 25. Suddenly, his car started having noticeable issues.

"When it hit, it was like pshh," said Daise. "All of the water and steam came out of the engine. It was everywhere."

Daise says he pulled his car over in League City. A mechanic later found a bullet hole in the vehicle’s engine.

"My engine stopped the bullet," said Daise. "Thank God he missed."


Daise shared a picture with FOX 26 of where he believes a possible bullet exited his car.

"It’s got to be a 40 caliber, because the size of the bullet," said Daise. "It’s a huge bullet hole. Who would want to shoot me? I don’t go anywhere. We stay home. How did I get the pick of the draw?"

Officials from the Galveston County Sheriff’s Office say one person was killed early in the morning on Dec. 26 after he was shot driving on Interstate 45 near FM 1764. This location is roughly 10 miles from where Daise believes his vehicle was shot.


So far, authorities haven’t publicly released the identity of the man killed Saturday. Officials aren’t sure if the two shootings are related.

"It’s just too much of a coincidence," said Daise. "I could have been practice, and some other people who may have not reported it could have been practice, and now, he finally struck a target."

A member of the League City Police Department (LCPD) provided the written statement below:
"At this time, League City Police Department does not have any leads that point towards cases being linked with a serial shooter," said LCPD’s John Griffith. "We are working with local agencies to be prepared to respond should any further leads surface."

If the shooter or shooters see this story, Daise has a message for them.

"He’s a coward," said Daise. "He’s committing crimes against people that did nothing to him. Now, a family has to suffer for what he did. I hope he rots in hell for it."