Deputies search for man accused of running over his father

A father who was run over twice by his son in an YMCA parking lot is in stable condition and is expected to survive.

Sheriff Ed González has now released the names of the father and son.

"The father is 42-year-old Cedrick Amos, and his son 24-year-old Devon Amos," he said.

But the big question tonight...what were the two fighting about?

Harris County Sheriff Ed González says the fight between Cedrick Amos and his son Devon led to the son running over his father.

"Once the physical altercation ended, the son who is described as a black male, 24 years of age, got into a vehicle, struck the father, the father collapsed to the ground," González said. "The son circled the parking lot at a pretty high rate of speed and struck the father a second time."

It all happened around 10:40 a.m. on Saturday in the parking lot of the YMCA near Cypresswood and Tomball Parkway.

The sheriff says Devon left the scene in the car, but deputies later found the car nearby at around 1960 and Tomball Parkway.

The car with visible damage to the front and the windshield stunned a witness as he and his mother pulled into the YCMA this morning.

"As we pulled in, there was a few cop cars out here, and a car getting on a tow truck with a smashed windshield," he said. "Scary sight, man was on the ground, stretcher, everything."

The father was taken to the hospital with head and shoulder injuries but is expected to survive.

The YMCA says their staff followed emergency protocol and quickly notified police. It adds that no one inside the building was in danger.

Charges against the son are pending. No weapons were involved other than the car.