Deerbrook Estates residents oppose potential motels

"Crime is not shy in this neighborhood," said Deerbrook Estates resident Scott Newman. The subdivision is located off of FM 1960. It's quiet with rows of well-kept houses and neighbors that know each other.

"It's just a great neighborhood and then over about the last four months, we've had a really strong increase in crime," said resident Judy Thomason.

"Right here at the house, we've had our tires stolen," added Newman.

"In less than 30 days, we've had three carjackings including one of an employee at the CVS right there at the corner," said resident Sarah Bara.

"With the way the crime has been in the area, I feel uncomfortable letting the kids go outside and play," said resident Lauren Woodall.

The residents say now they have even more to worry about than just the recent spike in crime. They say that two motels are under construction at the one and only entrance into the subdivision.

"Crime is going to go up, I guarantee it," said resident Logan Gillian.

"Instead of making our home values higher, it brings them down because people are living in motels instead of using them like you're supposed to be," said Newman.

"Adding people with 110 rooms going in and out of there is going to make it intolerable for us that live in here," added Thomason.

"Our collective voices absolutely have been heard -- I've personally knocked on 114 doors," said resident Jarrett Beto.

More than 600 residents have signed a petition voicing their opposition to the proposed motels.

"All the members of the board are definitely behind the petition to stop the motels from being built," said homeowners association board member Lewis Rogers.

The Deerbrook Estates Homeowners Association will conduct an emergency meeting on Monday at 7 p.m. at the Golden Corral at 9663 FM 1960.