Deal requires deep pollution cuts at Iowa coal-fired plants

IOWA CITY, Iowa (AP) — Iowa's second largest power company will drastically cut pollution at coal-fired power plants under a Clean Air Act settlement expected to make the air cleaner.

Interstate Power and Light, a subsidiary of Alliant Energy, will install and continuously operate cutting-edge pollution controls at its biggest Iowa plants, in Ottumwa and Lansing.

In addition, the company will retire or convert to natural gas its plants in Cedar Rapids, Dubuque, Burlington, Clinton and Marshalltown.

When fully implemented, the changes are expected to cut annual emissions of sulfur dioxide by tens of thousands of tons. The company will also pay a $1.1 million fine and spend $6 million on environmental mitigation projects.

The steps settle a federal complaint filed Wednesday alleging the company violated the act when making modifications at Ottumwa and Lansing.