Dairy Queen employee fired over marijuana cake mix-up: ‘It's not funny to me'

Photo credit: Kensli Taylor Davis

The funny “Moana” marijuana cake mix-up that went viral earlier this week didn’t leave everyone laughing.

Cassandra Walker, the Georgia Dairy Queen employee who made the drug-themed ice cream cake, said she was fired over the mistake that she claims was not even her fault in the first place.

According to Walker, her manager at the fast-food chain misheard Kensli Taylor Davis’ mother, who placed the order, and thought she said “marijuana” instead of “Moana.” Walker, who has worked at the Dairy Queen for about a year, also alleged her manager gave her approval to make the cake with the illicit theme.

"The manager stood behind me while I pulled the images off the Internet," Walker said to USA Today. "She walked by as I decorated the cake. As I boxed the cake up, she was the one who walked it up to the front."

Walker, a mother of two, said once Davis’ mother came to pick up the cake and explained it wasn’t what she ordered, the store immediately apologized and offered to make a new cake.

"Our cake decorator designed a cake based on what she thought she heard the customer order. When the customer picked it up and said it was not what she ordered, we immediately apologized for the error and offered to redesign it the way she originally intended. The customer said it was fine, paid for the cake and left,” one of the Dairy Queen owners Al Autry said to USA Today.

However, Walker was still let go from her position on Monday, which also was her birthday, USA Today reported. It was not reported if the manager was also fired.

"It’s not funny to me," Walker said to USA TODAY. "This is back-to-school time. I have two little girls here. I have a car that needs fixing. It’s not funny to me."

Walker was offered her position back by a different Dairy Queen manager on Thursday, but she declined the offer because of how she was treated after the misunderstanding.

"It was a mistake," she said to USA Today. "It could been considered a learning experience. I would have accepted that. I would have accepted being written up. But to be at this job for almost a year and not have a write-up, not be in trouble, and to just be let go because of mistake, it’s not funny to me.”

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