DA-elect Kim Ogg accuses fired prosecutors of sabotaging cases

The race between Kim Ogg and Devon Anderson was an ugly one. It's over but the fighting isn't– at least not between Ogg and some now former prosecutors.

“I couldn't sleep last night. I haven't been this upset in a long time. The lack of professionalism  and the deliberate sabotage as it appears based on the evidence that I have right now is beyond the pale. It stops now.,” Ogg said in front of the criminal courthouse.

Ogg says hours after she sent letters last Friday notifying 37 ADA's that they would not be asked to serve in her administration, she started getting phone calls. They were from crime victims or relatives of crime victims saying that prosecutors had contacted them.

Ogg says according to them, the prosecutors gave them inaccurate information about the status of their cases. In one call,  they told victims the case wouldn't be prosecuted. During another, the caller told relatives in a capital murder case Ogg wouldn't seek the death penalty.

Ogg says she sent a letter to First Assistant Belinda Hill that reads in part:

She names the three prosecutors who allegedly made the calls but admits she had no concrete evidence of their guilt so we are withholding their names. She insists what they did is a crime.

“There's enough information to go forward with an investigation and the day that I take office that's what I intend to do,” said Ogg.

Anderson declined to comment but her spokesperson pointed out prosecutors have a legal obligation to tell victims when they are no longer handling their cases.

Late today one of the prosecutors, Justin Keiter, came forward with this statement: