Cryptocurrency donations to Ukraine top $100 million

Donations to war-torn Ukraine in cryptocurrency have topped $100 million.

Ukraine legalized a framework for crypto and asked for aid in the currency on its social media platforms because the transactions are faster. Some are calling this the world's first crypto war.


Ukraine’s Deputy Minister of Digital Transformation says the funds are being spent on food, fuel, and bulletproof vests for soldiers.  

"It’s a lot faster. It’s secure, meaning all transactions are on the blockchain, everybody can see transactions. Can you see who it is and what they got? No, it’s not that level of getting rid of privacy, but it is all open and traceable," explains Steven Bumbera, cryptocurrency expert and co-founder of Many Worlds Tokens.

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Supporters can send cryptocurrency to Ukraine relief through Come Back Alive, Ukraine DAO, and the Binance Charity platform.