Crestmont Village families prepare to move from deplorable conditions

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Thursday is the final day for families to pack up and move from the deplorable conditions at Crestmont Village in Southeast Houston.  FOX 26 has covered this government housing complex extensively through its multitude of problems.

Many say the move is a blessing. Wednesday trash was everywhere and it looked like a ghost town.  Abandoned apartments, an empty playground, and an overflowing dumpster are the remains of Crestmont Village. But for the few that are left they say this is something had to happen.

"It's good to get away from here because I have a lot of health problems especially with breathing that's not healthy all the mold and it keeps me sick," Latika Sewell said.

While Sewell packs in moldy conditions those from the city walked around the eye sore escorted by police. Just weeks ago after a long history of power outages, crime and health hazards, this complex was deemed inhumane.

"Some of the houses don't have refrigerators or stoves so they can't even cook," Tarein Spencer said.

Neighbors say finally they have something to look forward to. October 8th Crestmont will shutdown and the city is helping families financially with the move.  The city is working to relocate residents and will pay their deposit and first month’s rent at the new location.


"I feel like they have extended themselves very graciously. I'm thankful," Sewell said.


Some people are moving into a complex right down the road and others are moving in with family members.