Couples tie the knot on Super Bowl Sunday

Tying the knot is already an unforgettable occasion, but there’s something extra special about getting married on Super Bowl Sunday.
“We wanted to do the ultimate ‘never forget day’,” says Tiffany Ladewig.
Nine couples walked down the aisle on February 2, 2020 at The Courthouse Wedding Chapel in North Houston. The date is a palindrome ⁠— the same number forward and backward.

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It also has extra special meaning for Amanda and Louis Rios who got married Sunday.
"The date was based off of when we met and when I asked her to start dating me,” says Louis.
“So February 2 is the date we do everything - it’s our anniversary day, and now it’s our wedding date.”
Amanda adds, “And it's the day he proposed.”
The couples say that getting hitched on game day is just a bonus.

Their anniversary is expected to land on another Super Bowl Sunday in 2025.

Tiffany’s husband William Bennett says the date will most likely come with a joint celebration. “Super Bowl party at our house!” he says.
So far the wedding chapel has more bookings on 2/2/20 than Valentine’s Day. The ceremonies were scheduled for every hour on the hour.
“It’s been very surprising to see,” says Chaplain Patricia Blissett.
She says she wouldn’t have time to watch the game, but the special day is still kicking off many memories to come.
And with all the number two’s and “easy to remember” dates in 2020, she’s expecting the hectic Super Bowl wedding day to open up to a busy year ahead.

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