Special date has lots of couples tying the knot on Super Bowl Sunday

If you’re invited to a big party this weekend, you may want to ask if it’s a Super Bowl bash or a wedding reception! It turns out Sunday isn’t only a huge day for football, but also for tying the knot.

A wedding chapel isn’t exactly the hot spot you think of for Super Bowl Sunday, but this weekend while millions of Americans are screaming a host of words at the TV, a lot of Houstonians will actually be at The Courthouse Wedding Chapel saying “I do”.

"We didn’t even think about Super Bowl Sunday until his dad texted back and was like you know that’s Super Bowl Sunday right?” laughs Miasha Easley.

Yep, Easley and her fiance Xavier Walton are going to the chapel and they’re going to get married on Super Bowl Sunday. Why?

"02, 02, 20, 20 is the same forward and backward,” Easley explains.

“Growing up that was something she was really into as a child,” adds Walton. "Anything that popped up, I would holler at my mom 'palindrome' and as soon as I told her, that’s the first thing she said to me, 'palindrome' in my kid voice,” smiles Easley.

Palindrome, by the way, is a word, sentence, verse, or number that’s the same backward or forward. I don’t know if the same is true for the busload of others getting hitched at The Courthouse Wedding Chapel on Super Bowl Sunday, but the phone has been ringing non-stop at the wedding chapel with couples securing the special date to tie the knot.

"At first it kind of caught me off guard but then when I realized how many twos are in that date. You know two signifies renewal. Then we realized it was Ground Hog Day and Super Bowl Sunday. So we were like there’s something here for everybody,” laughs The Courthouse Wedding Chapel Chaplain Patricia Blissett.

As all of America dons jerseys and foam fingers, it’ll be a white gown and tux for these two and as for their fingers? It isn’t the ever evasive Super Bowl ring but Walton says the band he scored is far more special.

“She’s my backbone," Walton says. “She means everything to me."

So as the Chiefs and 49ers take to the gridiron, Easley will take a walk down the aisle so Walton can claim his prize, his new wife’s hand in marriage.

Sticking with the theme, their wedding will be Sunday at 2 pm. There’s still time to book. If you already have marriage license, the Chapel just needs 24 hours advance notice to get you on the schedule to be married Super Bowl Sunday.

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