Controversy surrounds Mothers of the Movement DNC speakers

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Bill Clinton isn't the lone headline taking the stage on the second night of the DNC.  He will be joined by several mothers affected by gun violence will also take center stage at the Wells Fargo Center.

However, the choice to have them speak , is not sitting well with some groups.

The Mothers of The Movement, made up of mothers who have lost their sons and daughters to what they call senseless violence will take the DNC stage tonight.  They include the mothers of Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Eric Garner, Michael Brown and others and the Philly Police say some are too controversial to deserve a national platform.

"They're giving voice to people who attacked police officers without allowing us a chance to tell our side," explained FOP President John McNesby.

The Michael Brown case is the one that most offends the police, but Mother of the Movement Cleopatra Cawley whose daughter was gunned down by gangs while in a public park tells FOX 29's Bill Anderson, tonight isn't about blame, it's about mothers who regardless of how, were united through loss of a loved one.

"We are mothers who all lost our children and we are holding the establishment accountable to find ways to make us safer," Cawley explained.

As for the  claims that they are anti police?

"Police protect us, we have family members who are police officers, all police are not bad," Cawley said.

After sending a letter of Opposition to the Clinton Campaign and hearing Mrs. Cawley's explanation, President McNesby remained unmoved.

"We respect the right to protest but believe our side should be told as well," McNesby said.

If Cleopatra's Daughter Hadiya sounds familiar, the honor student was murdered just a week after performing with her band at President Obama's inauguration.  Her mother says they hope their message spares others the pain they are forced to live with.