Cleveland Texas shooting: Documents allege Oropeza violently abused partner in front of kid

Francisco Oropeza, 38, and his domestic partner, Divimara Nava, 53, remain behind bars on Thursday. Oropeza is charged with five counts of murder in San Jacinto County and Nava is accused of helping him hide from authorities in Montgomery County.

Officials say both are Mexican nationals who were living in the U.S. illegally.

Oropeza's bond was set at a total of $7.5 million and Nava's bond was set at $250,000.

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"It is my understanding that she has an ICE hold which means Immigration and Customs Enforcement has a detainer on her, so even in order to bond out for that, she would have to resolve those issues prior to being released," said Rob Freyer, the first Asst. District Attorney in San Jacinto County. 

Documents show the couple shares a complicated history together.

In June 2022, Nava attempted to file a protective order against Oropeza, for her and their son.

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In her own writing, Nava claims Oropeza 'hit me with closed fist, kicked me while I’m on the floor, pounded my head on the driveway gravel, tried to get me in his truck and threatened to tie me down and drag me until I die.'

Nava claims the abuse happened in front of their young son and said she sustained a broken nose, broken rib, skull fracture, bruises, and a black eye. 

However, the DA’s office said Nava later changed her mind and the order was never served to Oropeza. 

"She came down here and made an application for a protective order. Nothing really came of the protective order other than it was generated," Freyer said. 

Documents also show that the address Nava previously listed as her home belonged to an aunt of Oropeza. It’s the same home where Oropeza was found hiding from law enforcement this week.

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Domingo Castilla, a friend of Oropeza, was at the scene and arrested for marijuana on Tuesday night. Authorities said Castilla is also under investigation for helping Oropeza escape law enforcement. 

Freyer added that Castilla was in the U.S. illegally and is currently under federal investigation for a separate matter but wouldn't provide additional details.  

Authorities say they received hundreds of tips and are now asking the public to come forward again with more information about who else may have helped Oropeza in this case.