Child’s health in jeopardy after Marine vet dad’s identity is stolen

Luis Ramos spent a decade defending our country.

"I signed up in 2002 after the 911 attacks," Ramos said. "I felt compelled to join and serve my country."

Ramos and his Navy wife have three boys and a girl. His 10-year-old son Lucas has serious medical issues.

"A heart condition at 6-days-old, he had heart surgery," said Ramos.

Lucas had another surgery this past November.

"A lot of his bills are easily between one hundred thousand and $250,000," his father said.

After being deployed six times, Ramos was discharged from the Marines. Lucas's condition, he said, was one of the reasons.

Now, Lucas' Medicaid and social security disability are in jeopardy because of an identity theft issue Ramos says he's been dealing with for almost two years.

The culprit is in Fayetteville, Georgia.

Ramos says all he's been getting is the run-around from police there and in his hometown of Dayton.

"For the most part, I was met with a roadblock nobody was willing to help or everyone told me there was nothing they can do," he said. "You're my last resort trying to get somebody to help."

Dayton police told him to contact Social Security, which Ramos has done.

"We also contacted the IRS to let them know someone came in and made a report," said Dayton Police Captain John. Coleman.

Coleman says they are now in contact with police in Fayetteville and will do all they can to help Ramos get this resolved.

"He can't get Medicaid for his child and we understand that it's important to us, so we will do as much as we can to help Ramos get this resolved," Coleman said.