Calls for magistrate to resign over $150,000 bond set for Nassau Bay sergeant's alleged killer

Tavores Henderson is in jail without bond after a capital murder charged was filed against him on Friday morning. He is an admitted killer of Nassau Bay Sergeant Kaila Sullivan.

However, there is still anger and disbelief over the initial $150,000 bond set by a magistrate Colin Amann for a murder charge after Henderson’s capture on Thursday.

Joe Gamaldi, Houston Police Officer’s Union President, is calling for Colin Amann to be removed or resign. 

“Know the pain that you have caused [Sullivan’s} family but also the entire law enforcement community here in Harris county. Wake up and get a clue!” Gamaldi said passionately.

FOX 26 contacted Amann but we have not heard back. 

Tavores has a violent criminal history and was already out on multiple bonds, even bragging about it on Instagram.

Prosecutor Sean Teare with the Harris County District Attorney’s Office says Henderson was not going to get out on bond anyway because of the previous charge for aggravated assault of a family member.
“When [Henderson] failed to show up for court because he was on the run, we moved to forfeit that bond. So he was at zero bond all day [Thursday]. Once we captured him, his bond was at zero,” Teare explained to reporters.

Another concern, how prosecutors initially charged Henderson with murder instead of capital murder.

“This should have been capital murder case from the very start,” Gamaldi told FOX 26.

Teare says they needed more time. 

“Capital murder, as you can imagine, is a very complex case. This one is more so than even others,” he added. 

Magistrates are appointed by a panel of judges. That same panel decides who to remove. An appointee can also be removed by complaints filed with the State Commission on Judicial Conduct. When FOX 26 contacted the commission and they say they are not able to disclose whether or not complaints have been filed against any judge.

Amann appointment is through the end of February 2020.

Henderson is expected to be back in court on Monday.