Buying six-pack abs without going to the gym

Swimsuit season is just around the corner. A local mom found out how to get six-pack abs, without ever going to the gym. Vedas MedSpa and Wellness Center in The Woodlands is getting plenty of people, willing to pay the price to look their best!

We met up with Kay, a mom of two teenagers, who's trying to achieve trimmer and tighter abs.


"What we are trying to do is work on stubborn muscle areas in her belly, and she's getting a workout while she's lying down," explains Dr. Chaitali Ningrani at Vedas MedSpa & Wellness Center.

"As you know, we all have these stubborn areas which never go away, so what we have done with Miss Kay is we did a little bit of Smart Lipo already. We went in, took away the fat in her belly and now we are attacking that muscle mass and making it tone up, so what she's getting is thousands of crunches in 30 minutes," exclaims Dr. Ningrani.

That's a big workout while lying down on the job.

Kay went to Vedas to undergo Emsculpt. It was created to build muscle and burn fat. Paddles on the skin admit electromagnetic energy to cause major contractions, sculpting different body parts, like Kay’s abs.

"It's building up that muscle thickness. This is the only device that is FDA-approved for muscle building. So, this is really specifically for the patients who have lost muscle tone, after surgery and, you know, are just looking for that extra, extra fat loss and muscle building this is a great tool for that," explains Dr. Ningrani.         

 "It feels like a muscle contraction, it feels like after you've done many many crunches, that's what it feels like! It doesn't hurt," explains Kay.

Dr. Ningrani says many patients choose a package of four sessions of Emsculpt. You can take a look at before and after pictures to see the difference. She says it works well for men, as well.


Kay is pleased with her new look.

"I can just definitely see more definition in my lower abs. It's very hard, no matter what you do, there's always an area that you just can't get exactly how you want," states Kay.

Dr. Ningrani says Emsculpt can help shape many different body parts.

"The buttocks is another big area where we use this a lot, because it helps intense those muscles and give us a lift, and you're not having to do the squats. We've done front of the legs. We can specifically target love handles and arms. So really, any muscle can be done. We've had some older patients where we've done the front of the legs and back of the legs just for muscle strength," states Dr. Ningrani.

Patients are expected to see their full results between three weeks to three months and then results last almost a year. She says some patients schedule maintenance to touch-up results every six months. Dr. Ningrani is running a special right now for $3,000 for the procedure.

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