Breaking Bond: 44-year-old registered sex offender recently found competent to stand trial gets PR bond

Rocky Annis spent almost two years in jail because he couldn't post his $120,000 bond for violating a protective order. After spending eight months in a mental facility, he gets a get out of jail free card after being found competent to stand trial.

We expected to find Annis at home Tuesday afternoon.

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Since his release, he's under house arrest at a licensed boarding home in the 11400 block of Hackmatack Way and ordered to wear an electronic monitor.

"She was so distraught," said Andy Kahan with Crime Stoppers. "Every day, something would happen with this guy."

Kahan says he was first made aware of Annis back in 2021 when one of his victims reached out for help.

"She had this guy who was just harassing her, stalking her, ringing her doorbell constantly, just non stop," he said.

Annis, who has convictions in three counties and is a registered sex offender, was on probation out of Brazoria County when he was charged with violating a protective order in Harris County. 

While jailed in lieu of a $120,000 bond, Annis would write letters to Judge Hillary Unger, as many as 10 letters a day.

"Most of them you look at and go, you're not playing with a full deck dude," said Kahn.

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In August 2023, Annis was deemed incompetent to stand trial and sent to a mental health facility.

"Eight months and now all of a sudden he's declared competent," Kahan said. 

Just days ago, Judge Lori Chambers Gray gave Annis a personal recognizance bond or get out of jail free card.

"It just doesn't seem reasonable at all, that someone could just walk free and terrorize me whether they show up at my door or not. It's still terrorizing," said Crime Victims Advocate Leticia Ybarra. 

Annis is not the first defendant to be deemed competent to stand trial and then be released on a PR bond.

After he was found competent in 2020, Randy Lewis walked out of an assisted living facility and stabbed 80-year-old Rosalie Cook to death in a Walgreen's parking lot. 

"Police officers would drop them off, and they would show up in handcuffs," said one woman who lives near the boarding home and asked not to be identified.

She says many complaints about the boarding home have been filed with the HOA.

"I see them walking to the playground," the neighbor said. "I see them walking to the corner store, just walking down the street all hours of the day."

For a list of current permitted boarding homes in unincorporated Harris County, click here.