Brazoria County issues Stay Safe at Home order

After a recent jump to 33 total cases, Brazoria County has issued a Stay Safe at Home order. 

The order goes into effect on 6 p.m. on Thursday, March 26 to 11:59 p.m. on Friday, April 3. 

Most of the Brazoria County COVID-19 cases are at home in stable condition. Three patients have been hospitalized and released to their home in stable condition. 

3 hospitalized, released to home in stable condition

Officials urge residents to follow the guidelines, as the virus is very easily spread. Businesses that remain open are asked to eliminate the congregation of people in groups. 

If you have symptoms, have someone in your home that has tested positive, or are elderly or have an underlying condition, you are asked to remain at home at all times. 

During the order, residents can still grocery shop and pick up medications from the pharmacy, although they are urged to pick up, deliver, or use curbside. Residents can still walk, bike, or hike in their neighborhood, just not in groups. They can also order takeout from restaurants or use the drive-thru. 

It is possible to visit elderly friends and family to run errands and care for them, just be safe and limit interaction. 

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Non-essential businesses must close. They include:

 - Barber shops and hair salons

 - Spas, tanning and massage parlors, and other personal care businesses

 - Commercial amusement establishments, such as theaters and bowling alleys

 - Gyms and other fitness centers

 - Tattoo and piercing parlors

 - Residential and hotel meeting spaces and ballrooms

 - Outdoor classes and markets

The full list of permitted activities can be seen below.