Best drinks to stay hydrated in summer heat

As Houston reaches its peak summer temperatures and falls under multiple heat advisories, keeping hydrated is more important than ever. But what exactly should you be drinking?

The answer isn't very complicated. With the sun high overhead, few things feel better than swimming in the pool or splashing in a fountain. Even if we are in a fountain, lake, or pool, we need to keep drinking fluids.

The options are many. Bottled water, water with electrolytes, and coconut water line store shelves. 

The chief dietitian with UT Health, Dr. Wesley McWhorter says that water is the best thing. 

"Water is the best thing we can drink. You don't have to buy expesive water, you can drink tap water if you'd like," he says. 

Sports drinks and fruit waters are popular, but Dr. McWhorter says drink with caution, and be aware of how much sugar we are consuming. Many drinks have a lot of added sugars which can easily rack up calories. 

Be sure to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables that contain fluids as well to keep hydrated.