Barbers Hill ISD seeking judicial clarification regarding CROWN Act after student was disciplined again

The Barbers Hill Independent School District has filed for a declaratory judgment lawsuit seeking clarification regarding the recently passed CROWN Act. 

School officials said they are looking for court clarification regarding the length of a male student's hair. 

FOX 26 reported earlier this week, that the student, who has gained national attention for the length of his hair, returned to school, only to be placed in ISS again for violation of the district's grooming policy. 

School officials said the district's grooming policy, which does not prohibit male students from wearing braids, locks, or twists, does have male hair length requirements. 

Officials stated the CROWN Act itself does not mention hair length and the sponsor of the act has publicly confirmed that the Act was never intended to prohibit grooming policies that limit hair length. 

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Barbers Hill ISD said the district does not intend to enhance the current disciplinary action against the student for the ongoing violation of its grooming policy pending the court's ruling on whether the district's policy is legal. 

"Although we believe the new law does not govern hair length, we are asking the judicial system of Texas to interpret," said Barbers Hill Superintendent Greg Poole in a release.

It's unclear when that decision could be made.