Bacliff community cleans-up after 8 inches of rain caused some homes to flood

Families in Bacliff are cleaning up after another flood.

On Friday, an estimated 8 inches of rain fell in the Galveston Bay community within just a few hours.

"It floods like this all of the time [here]," said one homeowner Friday.  "They say they fixed the drainage, but obviously not."

Less than 24 hours after the thunderstorm and the Bacliff area was dry Saturday.  However, the inside of some homes and cars remained soaking wet.

"This time only a little bit of water got in the house, but water got in the car," said Kendra Aldridge. "Something has to be done about the water and drainage here."

It’s believed roughly 100 homes had water get inside them Friday roughly ankle deep.  However, county officials say about a dozen homes in Bacliff are considered flooded.

"[We’re] extremely tired of this," said Dallas Szalwinski.  "Everybody in this neighborhood is sick of it."

In 2017, the Bacliff community was devastated by Hurricane Harvey.  Since then, Galveston County has spent more than $1 million on flood prevention projects in Bacliff.

"I don’t know, I just can’t place why it did what it did yesterday," said Galveston County Commissioner Darrel Apffel.  "The problem we saw yesterday was water was coming from the south side of highway 146 and crossing 146.  It was a new drainage [issue] we didn’t even have during Harvey."

The county is working to survey damage from Friday’s flood.  If you were impacted, click HERE.

According to Szalwinski, some of his neighbors are now planning to move.

"[You] lose your house and everything you’ve got," said Szalwinski.  "People don’t want to go through that."