Houston Zoo welcomes baby giraffe 'Tino', a male Masai giraffe

Houston Zoo had an unexpected surprise as giraffe keepers were greeted with the delightful sight of a newborn baby giraffe!

Born to Kamili in the wee hours of the morning on Saturday, Tino, the male Masai giraffe is already thriving. Zookeepers were aware of nine-year-old Kamili's pregnancy but could not determine the exact delivery date for her approximately 14-month pregnancy.

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Tino weighed in at a hefty 160 pounds and towered at an impressive six feet tall.

The baby boy was named by the Gordy Family, longtime supporters of the Zoo.

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Photo Courtesy of Houston Zoo

As Tino grows and matures, he's expected to rival or even surpass the height of his 16-foot-tall father, six-year-old Zawadi. Tino will spend mornings frolicking with the herd in the McGovern Giraffe Habitat, while afternoons are dedicated to bonding with his mom behind the scenes.

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The Houston Zoo actively contributes to giraffe conservation efforts in Africa, and the funds provided go towards the salaries of those arresting poachers, providing medical support, and watching over wild giraffes.

Every visit to the Houston Zoo contributes to these vital conservation efforts, as a portion of every admission ticket is dedicated to supporting wildlife conservation projects.