About half HISD students skip distance learning programs

Less than half of the nearly 210,000 students in the Houston Independent School District are logging on to their distance learning program.

According to HISD, since April 9, 89,659 logged on to distance learning. From March 27 through April 3, the district reported 95,900 got online.

“The biggest challenge, of course, is ensuring that students have access to a laptop, Chromebook, or computer. and then having access to the internet,” said Dr. Grenita Lathan, HISD Interim Superintendent.

Lathan says they've got up to 10,000 more laptops on the way, but they won't arrive for about another 3 weeks.

HISD is also using other ways to reach students, including partnering with FOX 26 and My20 for "Classes from Home" every weekday on My20 at 11 a.m.

Lathan says ”brain drain” is a real concern anytime students take an extended break from school. The district is looking at ways to help students get caught up once school resumes including extending school days.

However, Lathan believes this time out of the classroom will not impact Wheatley High School’s chance get a passing score from the Texas Education Agency. In August, the school failed to meet academic standards for the 7th year in a row.

”Not concerned at all. Wheatley has done exceptionally well this year. We were pleased going into the last eight weeks of school," Lathan said.

They’ll be ready when we start the school year and for accountability next school year,” she told FOX 26.