US Army vet gifted furnished apartment after graduating from Camp Hope

A military veteran is receiving quite a gift today and just in time for Thanksgiving.

We caught up with U.S. Army Vet Frank Waindle on moving day. He expected to lug in a few boxes of clothes, but you’ll never guess what showed up, a truck full of furniture, and it’s all just for him. 

"His benevolence is not lost on me, and I’m grateful for it," Waindle says referring to Jim "Mattress Mack" McIngvale

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We also stopped by as Waindle delivered a speech at his graduation from Camp Hope. 

"7 months, 23 days ago I lost my service dog Eli. He meant the world to me…24 veterans choose to lose their life every day and that’s a really sad horrible thing, but I picked up the phone," Waindle told the crowd, and he says he’s thankful he called for help.

He has now completed the Camp Hope PTSD Program after nearly spiraling out of control when returning from being deployed to Iraq. 

"We had some rough days there, but I came back and stayed in the army for a few more years doing what I could but struggled to reacclimatize to civilian life and struggled to find a sense of purpose again," Waindle explains.

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His gift for graduating from Camp Hope is an apartment full of furniture from Mattress Mack and Gallery Furniture.

 "Obviously did not expect this. I thought I’d buy one new piece of furniture a month," Waindle admitted 

"We are just so excited for him as he moves forward in a brand-new life," smiled David Maulsby the Executive Director for Camp Hope, which has helped countless former members of the military. 

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"Veterans just like Frank, who struggled after service in Iraq," he continued. "Fifth generation military guy and needed a new opportunity to change his life going forward."

"We thought it was extremely important to provide furniture to Frank and help him on his new start," Cara Adams with Gallery Furniture added. "Mack is all about taking care of our veterans, especially in our community, and we just thought it was very important this holiday season that we include you in the giveaway because we are very proud of you." 

"This kind of stuff doesn’t happen to me lately, for a very long time, but I’m glad to have been here and a part of this wonderful program and hope that good things like this continue to happen for me in life," said Waindle. "To any veterans out there still struggling I ask that they pick up the phone and that they don’t quit five minutes before the miracle happens."

If you or someone you know could benefit from Camp Hope, give them a call at (832) 912-4429.