Customers wait hours in line to get money back from Mattress Mack after Astros World Series win

Customers waited several hours in line to get their money back, back, back from Mattress Mack on Sunday after the Astros won the World Series. It was part of Mack’s ‘Astros Win It All’ Promotion. 

After a quick trip to Caesar's in Las Vegas to wheel-in a small part of his massive $75 million payout with a wheelbarrow, Mattress Mack returned to Houston, ready to pay it all back to his customers.

"The tired popped on the wheelbarrow, that's why it was so hard. A whole lot of money for a cheap wheelbarrow," said Mack.

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Customers who spent at least $3,000 on qualifying furniture would get double their money back if (and when) the Astros won the World Series. A week later, hundreds of them spent up to four hours in line at Gallery Furniture to collect their checks.

"I must’ve had 10 or 15 customers tell me so far today that it changed their life. You know, it’s pretty significant when they say it changed their life. Some of them are getting back $20,000 to $30,000 so it's a great deal. And they all say thank you Mattress Mack; don’t thank me, thank the great Houston Astros baseball team. They did it, I just placed the little bets," Mack said. 

Astros pitchers Rafael Montero, Cristian Javier, Hector Neris, and Luis Garcia came by the store Sunday as an added surprise.

"We're getting back $9,700 today. We have two kids going to college, so hopefully, we can help furnish their apartment," said Kerrie Turner.

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"We get $17,000 back today. We came here in June because we needed the furniture. Just happened to have a promotion going on. I’ve been an Astros fan since I’ve been about that big and it was just fate," said Steve Burchfield.

"I think he does great for the community. We’re long-time customers, first-time winners, so that was a deal for us. It’s great what he does for the community," said Austin Turner. 

Customers have from now until Dec. 31 to pick up their checks from Gallery Furniture.