90-year-old man waits almost 2 years for city to remove dead tree in front of his Houston home

The runaround Jody Junious has gotten from 311 is almost comical.

"I don't know what to say, I'm about to give up," Junious said.

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The elderly man just wants the city to remove a dead tree in front of the home he's owned for some 60 years.

"After you get old, you don't want to have, no worries you know," said Junious.

Jody's daughter, Loretta Applin, says she's called 311 more times than she can count.

"I've been reporting that dead tree for over a year and a half, I want to say two years," Applin said.

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The city tells us it was first alerted about the tree back in 2019. It wasn't until August 2022, the tree was deemed dead. 

Applin showed us emails from 311. Some give her new a case number, others state the issue is completed and resolved. 

Obviously, nothing here is, "completed and resolved."

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The tree has also damaged Junious's fence.

"I came home from church on Sunday, both my dogs were out in the street, got through that big hole in the fence," he said. 

"It's a hazard to the neighborhood because when the wind blows, or it rains, the limbs and branches fall into the street," Applin said. 

"A limb fell out on the street the other day, a car stopped and pulled limbs out of the street, so they could get through," said Junious.

"They say call 311 to get your problems resolved," said Applin. "And that's what we did."

"They've been giving me a raw deal is all I can say," Junious said.

A spokesperson with the city blames a backlog with a contractor that dates back to last June.

He assured us the dead tree will be removed Saturday, if not this coming Monday, at the latest