$50,000 food trailer stolen from Northwest Houston company

A food trailer worth more than $50,000 was stolen from a manufacturing company in Northwest Houston.

The owner of the small company is hoping that someone out there can help find who's responsible.

Despite having a locked chain-linked fence around their property, the manager of Chef Units tells FOX 26 it took only 10 minutes for the trailer to be stolen.

“I felt like fainting because it’s almost like a family member dying. I mean this is my life, you know, this job I know, and this, I know we are a small company. We are going through COVID, we’re having financial issues like everybody, and this just makes it worse,” says Blase Menichelli, Sales Manager of Chef Units.

Video surveillance shows at least two men gained entry to the parking lot where the food trailer was stored by cutting the chain-linked fence just before 2 a.m. on May 8.


They drove what appears to be a black Dodge. After hitching the trailer to their truck, they were gone. Chef Units manufactures food trucks and trailers. Losing a vehicle worth $54,000 is a huge blow to the small company.

“It’s not good for business, it’s not good for the customer, it’s not good for anybody except the burglar.“ Says Menichelli.

The orange trailer with black and white details was to serve Caribbean food. Chef Units is hoping to find the trailer.

Even if the appliances are gone, it would still help them financially. They say if they found who did it, they would be willing to go easy on the robbers.

Menichelli tells FOX 26, “If we could catch him, we obviously would give him two choices. Either give it back and we will drop charges, or we will go all the way and press charges if you’re not gonna tell us where it is, or whatever you know what I mean. So, we'll work with him if we can, but we have to find him, who did it.“

Chef Units is offering a $1,000 reward for information that leads to the recovery of the trailer.

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