29-year-old father shot to death at Katy home

A husband and father was shot to death inside a Katy home by gunmen who broke into the family’s house on Glen Rosa Drive. 

Investigators do not believe this home invasion is the work of burglars. However, if it wasn’t burglary then why would two men break into the Katy home at midnight, shooting and killing the 29-year-old husband and father? That’s what Fort Bend County Sheriff’s detectives are trying to figure out.

“Now you have two small children and a grieving wife that is without her husband,” says Fort Bend County Sheriff Troy Nehls. 

Halloween decorations cover the Katy home but far more frightening than that, Sheriff Nehls says two men disregarded the decor, breaking a back window to get into the home, killing 29-year-old Brenton Estorffe. 

"There are cars in the driveway. The house is decorated with Halloween decorations meaning, there are children inside the home.  Pretty brazen to enter someone’s backyard at midnight and break a window,” says Sheriff Nehls.

“It’s really scary.  I was really in shock.  I’ve been in this house for 32 years and nothing like this has ever happened,” explains neighbor Gladys Lindsay.  

So why has it happened now? 

"It’s just unusual. If these guys had intent to commit a burglary they’re not too bright because it’d be the wrong time to commit a burglary,” adds Nehls, who says most burglaries happen in the daytime when you’re not home. 

Estorffe his wife and two small children were all home when he was shot and killed by intruders.

“He went to defend his family as any one of us would, any father would and they took his life. They took his life,” says Nehls.

"That’s horrible. That’s horrible. Now the family has to live with that because of thugs,” adds neighbor Kimberly Dupre. 

"The information we’re receiving from neighbors and friends, this was a wonderful loving couple. A man that truly cared for his kids.  It’s just sad.  We are going to do everything we can to identify these individuals and bring them to justice,” says the sheriff.

Estorffe worked for Enterprise Car Rental.

Investigators are looking for residents with home surveillance cameras that may have captured the killers.  Some neighbors say they saw a vehicle parked nearby around the same time they heard the gunshots.  They saw the vehicle speed off a few minutes later.