12-year-old Katy girl creates fun game to help children learn financial literacy

A Katy kid who isn't even a teenager yet seems to have mastered money matters and all things finances.

So in this Positively Houston let's say you get an extra $500 today. Is it best to invest it, save it, spend it, or donate it? Not sure? Maybe you need 12-year-old Ava McGill's game. “It's called Money Madness a Game of Financial Frenzy,” smiles the preteen.


12-year-old Ava created the game for one simple reason. “It's a way to make kids around the world, to help them realize how to save money".

Money Madness isn't only fun, by choosing to save, spend, invest, or donate it teaches kids of all ages how to be better with finances.

“Basically you have to have the most money at the end of the game".
"So you roll the dice and it predicts whether the experts say the market's going to go up or down and then you roll the dice again to see what actually happens. So if you put all your money in investments and the experts say it goes up but it goes down you can lose a lot of money,” explains Ava's dad James McGill, which is just like in real life.


Ava actually won a spot as runner up in a national competition run by a guy who knows a few things about money. “Warren Buffet was hosting a contest to make something that could make kids more financially aware and I entered the contest and I was one of the winners,” smiles Ava.

This 7th grader is not so quiet about winning when playing Money Madness at home. "I'm going to say this in the most humble manner but I think I'm the one that wins,” Ava laughs and her dad adds "She actually is the one who wins the most when we play here at home".

During her research to help teach others to be smarter with money "I learned a little bit about how investments work and how to save my money more efficiently,” Ava explains.

Next stop for this mini money master? "Take over the world".