10 gunshots heard as transgender Houston performer killed in New Orleans

Houstonians in the LGBT community are mourning the death of a transgender woman who was shot and killed over the weekend.  Chyna Gibson was a well-known performer in Montrose area clubs.  Today fans and friends here in Houston are shocked after Gibson was murdered in New Orleans over the weekend.

”What I miss most probably is her personality,” Adam Hicks says as he breaks down in tears.  It's tough for Hicks to comprehend how someone could open fire on one of his best friends.

“She was just fun to be around and her personality was really funny.  This is just really upsetting,” adds Hicks.

Gibson was born Walter Fleming and was in New Orleans over the weekend visiting family and attending Mardi Gras.  Saturday night Gibson was gunned down in a strip mall parking lot.  Witnesses heard 10 gunshots.

“We don't know if it was a hate crime, a robbery,” says Hicks. 

Gibson, a transgender woman, moved to Houston after Hurricane Katrina. 

“She's the fifth trans woman of color killed this year, in the country, the third this month.  So a lot of people have been reaching out to show their support,” says Hicks.

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee and actress Amiyah Scott from the Fox TV Show "Star" both posted Tweets of support.

Dozens of Houstonians came together for a vigil to remember Gibson.

“I just hope whoever is responsible is brought to justice because they deserve to be caught and they deserve to be punished," says Hicks.

Gibson's killer still hasn't been caught.  The New Orleans Police Department is investigating.