Your Legal Questions Answered: Insurance policy & custody of son

FOX 26 Senior Legal Analyst Chris Tritico answers viewers' questions.

  1. "My son was in a car accident in Dallas.  He was hit by a driver in his dad's car AND was not covered under his father's insurance. The adjuster told me because he was not covered, the claim is denied. My son's car is totaled, and he still owes on it.  The police report states the other driver was at fault for running the yellow light and not yielding to oncoming traffic. The insurance agent says, since the driver is not insured, neither the parents nor the insurance company is liable for damages or injuries. What can I do?"
  2. "My ex and I were co-parenting with our son. He would pick him up every other weekend. The last time he asked if I'd marry him. I told him no, and he never brought our son home. I called the police. They said they can't help me because we never had a signed custody order. My ex is not on the birth certificate and does not have any of our son's legal documents. I've had my son since he was born, and he has my last name. My ex has several family violence cases against him and is currently being investigated for the death of another ex. I cannot afford an attorney and I'm not sure what to do."